Flights, Arrivals & Departures at Murcia Airport

Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Manchester (MAN) Ryanair RK4116 10:00 Scheduled
Luton (LTN) Ryanair FR3452 10:10 09:54 Landed
Antwerp (ANR) TUI TB1261 10:20 09:50 Landed
Alicante (ALC) TUI TB1187 10:40 Scheduled
Alicante (ALC) TUI TB187 10:44 Scheduled
London (STN) Ryanair FR8026 11:10 Scheduled
Las Palmas (LPA) Binter Canarias NT5600 11:50 Scheduled
Palma Mallorca (PMI) Ryanair FR8374 14:50 Scheduled
London (LGW) easyJet U28047 16:30 Scheduled
Menorca (MAH) Volotea V73367 19:30 Scheduled
Bournemouth (BOH) Ryanair FR5946 19:55 Scheduled
London (LGW) easyJet U28049 21:05 Scheduled
Destination Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Manchester (MAN) Ryanair RK4117 10:35 Scheduled
London (LTN) Ryanair FR3453 10:45 Scheduled
Antwerp (ANR) TUI TB1262 10:55 Scheduled
Ostend (OST) TUI Airlines Belgium TB1187 11:10 Scheduled
Ostend (OST) TUI TB187 11:10 Scheduled
London (STN) Ryanair FR8025 12:10 Scheduled
Gran Canaria (LPA) Binter Canarias NT5601 12:30 Scheduled
Palma de Mallorca (PMI) Ryanair FR8375 15:25 Scheduled
London (LGW) easyJet U28048 17:05 Scheduled
Mahon (MAH) Volotea V73366 20:00 Scheduled
Bournemouth (BOH) Ryanair FR5947 20:30 Scheduled
London (LGW) easyJet U28050 21:40 Scheduled

Flying To and From Murcia Airport

This page provides information about the destinations that can be reached via Murcia Airport.

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